The Concord Naval Weapons Station (NWS) was established in 1942, functioning as a World War II armament storage depot supplying ships at Port Chicago. In 1963, the base was eventually renamed U.S. Naval Weapons Station, Concord.  The Concord NWS supported war efforts through the end of the Gulf War, processing and shipping out thousands of tons of ammunition to the Middle East.  Due to changes in global military operations, the Inland Area of the base experienced a gradual mothballing of its facilities in recent decades. By 1999, the Concord NWS was manned by a minimal contingent of military personnel.

The 2005 BRAC (Base Realignment and Closure) round designated parts of the 12,800 acre Concord NWS for closure and eventual reuse.  The 5,200 acres comprising the Inland Area was to be conveyed and reused according to BRAC regulations, while the Tidal Area would be passed onto the Army. In 2006, the City of Concord was designated as the LRA (Land Reuse Authority) and charged with preparing a Reuse Plan as well as negotiating with the Department of Defense on development issues.

Current Conditions

The LRA is using a three-phase process to forward the Reuse Process.  The purpose of the first phase is public outreach and visioning in order to obtain public and city consensus on the Concord NWS reuse goals.  The first phase work was completed at the end of August 2006.  The second (and current) phase involves the formulation of the Reuse Plan along with further input from various interests such private citizens, conservation groups and business associations.  The third phase will involve the execution of the conveyance plan to sell or transfer parts of the Inland Area to public/private interests.  The Navy and City plan to enter the third phase by 2009.

The second phase Reuse Plan is intended to be strongly influenced by the overarching goals of the LRA.  The overarching goals of the Reuse Process identified by the LRA are:

  • Create a world class community (e.g. exceptional performing arts center, large park, etc.).
  • Use a balanced approach to development and planning that mixes uses within the future reused property.
  • Any development must be economically viable and sustainable.
  • Quality of life should be enhanced by any new development resulting from the Reuse Process.

Concord Naval Weapons Station Map, Download PDF, 70KB

Reuse Process Diagram




CNWS Cleanup Alignment, Download PDF, 125 KB