City of Concord

The City of Concord website includes a section on the Concord Community Reuse Process.  The section includes news and various documents regarding the reuse of the Concord Naval Weapons Station.  The website announces upcoming public meetings that will discuss the Reuse Process.  Most documents presented during a meeting will be uploaded to the website on the next business day.

Department of Navy BRAC PMO

The Department of Navy BRAC Program Management Office website gives an overview of the BRAC process as well as in-depth information on affected facilities.  The Detachment Concord page contains some basic Navy environmental documents and a small collection of Concord NWS photos.  Information on RAB (Restoration Advisory Board) meetings and minutes are available on the website.  The RAB is a group formed by the Navy to inform the public about efforts at the Concord NWS

Detachment Concord:
Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach

The Detachment Concord section of this website has links to detailed documents and information on the Installation Restoration program conducted by the Navy.  The IR program characterizes and cleans up contamination on various military installations according to the CERCLA approach.  A good amount of the findings are posted in Adobe Acrobat format.  RAB information is also listed.